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Ontario retirement homes are a popular senior housing option for many older Canadians. Take the next two minutes to learn about key government of Ontario standards designed for resident’s safety and well-being. 

Start with Basics Video Series for Ontario Retirement Homes

Did you know residents have a their own Bill of Rights, covering privacy, safety and access to information? Get informed before moving in.

How does the government regulate Retirement Homes?

Retirement homes are required by the government of Ontario to comply with lots of regulations - think of them as rules of road.

These are described in the Retirement Home Act and Regulations. The act covers a variety of lots of topics. Watch the Your Senior Living Expert video series to learn about the important ones.

Applying for Retirement Home license 

The government awards licenses to licensees or owners. These could be corporations or individuals. Retirement homes are for profit businesses, not owned by the government.

Retirement Home Standards Enforcement

Enforcement means how the government monitors the licensee’s compliance with the act and regulations and what happens when a licensee is found not to be in compliance.

Did you know the government has inspectors that visit these facilities to monitor and test compliance? And these inspection reports are available to the public.

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