Know this - When Retirement Home Care Services Change

Learn about the importance of understanding the nature, availability and cost of care services before you move into a Retirement Home. Don't be blinded by glossy brochures and sales pitches. Understand your rights if these services increase in cost or are cancelled. Did you know the government of Ontario mandates this information be accessible to potential residents and residents? 

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Take the next two minutes to learn about the details of Retirement Home care services before you move in.

If you want the inside track on what else to ask about, watch the complete video series.  may not need these services when you move in but think long term – will they be there when you need them down the road? Because you may need to move to another home to ensure your care needs are adequately met. 

Some of your care service rights in a retirement home...

Right to:

  • Understand the nature of care services provided in the Home and the cost,

  • Have your care services provided by a member of staff who are suitably qualified and trained to provide those services,

  • Apply for care services that are publicly funded through your Local Health Integration network (LHIN) or provided by a third party, and

  • Be informed in advance of any increases in cost of these care services.

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