Know this - Retirement Home Staff Hiring & Training

Curious about how Ontario Retirement Home's hire, train and validate staff qualifications? Before you move in, get informed about government of Ontario Retirement Home Act standards. You have the right to have care services provided by staff who are suitably screened, qualified and trained to provide those services. 

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Spend two minute learning about screening measures, annual training requirements and additional training for Retirement Home staff providing your care services.

If you want the inside track on what else to ask about on your next tour, watch the complete video series. 

Hiring and training minimum standards for Retirement Homes

  • Licensee makes sure screening measures consisting of vulnerable sector check, conducted by the police, within six months of hiring staff in the Home,

  • Licensee ensures all staff who work in the Home have the proper skills and qualifications to perform their duties and possess the qualifications,

  • Licensee is also responsible for ensuring people required to receive training receive it on an on-going training, at least annually, and

  • And all staff who provide provide care services to residents receive training as a condition of continuing to have contact with residents.

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