Cut to the Chase - Why use a Senior Living Advisor?

Not sure what a senior living advisor does?  You're not alone because just last week, I was asked to explain what makes me different. Take the next minute to learn why working with a fee-only, senior living advisor may be in your best interest

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Take Your Retirement to the Next Level with a Senior Living Advisor

When hiring any senior living advisor, make sure you understand if and how they earn commission or referral revenue based on their recommendations. Is it truly in your best interest? Your risk is that you may not hear about all your options, only the options that are in the advisor’s best interest.

Role of Senior Living Advisor Explained

  • As a fee-only senior living advisor or 'navigator', I work with seniors and families to identify senior living options that meets their needs, and

  • During a time of crisis and emotional turmoil involving loved ones, I provide expertise and objective information to guide home care, downsizing and senior housing decisions.

Independent from Conflicts of Interest

  • Being fee-only means I don’t accept commissions or receive referral fees based on my recommendations, and

  • Just like any professional, such as a lawyer discussing your Power of Attorney decision or tax accountant preparing your return, as a Certified Professional on Aging Consultant, the interests of my clients come first, not my financial gain. 

What's Your Risk?

  • Some senior living advisors do earn all or part of their income via referrals and commissions,

  • This business model may lead to a conflict of interest, where the advisor derives personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their business or professional capacity, and

  • Your risk is that you may not be presented with all your options, only the options in the advisor's best interest.

No hidden fees

  • I charge an hourly rate. My fees vary depending on the complexity of your needs and the time required to deliver the best senior living recommendation. It's that simple.

If you’re looking for assistance identifying a senior living option that fits your needs, contact us for a free one-hour consultation.  

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