Cut to the Chase - Accessing Senior Housing in Oakville, Burlington and Milton?

There are waitlists for Long-Term Care homes in Oakville, Burlington and Milton. Do you know how to access senior housing? Stick around for the next minute to find out how.

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How do you get on a waitlist? The government of Ontario manages Long-Term Care home access through your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). Access to retirement homes is managed differently. If you want the inside track on how access senior housing in Oakville, Burlington and Milton, watch this video. 

Understanding senior housing waitlists in Oakville and Burlington...

LTC Homes waitlists explained

  • The Government of Ontario manages LTC access through Local Health Integration Network (LHIN),

  • There is an application process, eligibility criteria and health assessments required, and

  • Depending on you unique circumstances and preferred location(s), you may be placed on waitlist.

Retirement Home waitlists explained

  • Accessing retirement homes is generally faster,

  • Operating as for-profit businesses, so access is managed by the facility operator, not the government, and

  • Depending on the vacancy rates or unit desired, you may be placed on a waitlist.

If you’re looking for assistance identifying a senior living option that fits your needs, contact us for a free one-hour consultation.  

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