Cut to the Chase - Are You Ready for Higher Assisted Living Costs in Oakville & Burlington?

Did you know the cost of assisted living spaces in Oakville and Burlington’s retirement homes increased 5% in 2020? Are you prepared? Spend the next minute to understand these costs.

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Understand more about costs of care services in Ontario Retirement homes.

Assisted living in retirement homes often involve a heavy care type-space (which are different from Independent Living spaces) where a resident pays to receive more assistance to complete their activities of daily living. These costs are in addition to room rental. Learn more about these costs in this video.

Assisted Living Explained...

What is Assisted Living?

  • Type of heavy care space where residents receive >1.5 hours of daily care to complete their activities of daily living (ADL),

  • ADL range from eating, dressing, hygiene and other activities where resident requires assistance,

  • Conditions that could require heavy care space are Alzheimer's, dementia and ambulatory support, and

  • Generally, assisted living residents may require > 1.5 hours of care services daily.

What are Assisted Living Costs in Oakville and Burlington?

According to Canada Mortgage Housing Corp’s 2020 Senior Housing Survey (download CMHC-ontario-seniors-housing-survey-2020-en.xlsx)

  • Heavy care space in Oakville, Burlington and Milton retirement homes averaged $5,300 per month,
  • An increase of about 5% over 2019 for the same type of space, and

  • Vacancy rates were 4% in 2020, about the same as 2019. 

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