Starting Out Right Series - What is a Senior's Plan of Care in Ontario Retirement Homes?

Now that you've decided to move into a Retirement Home, what happens next? Watch this series of two-minute videos if you or a loved one is planning on moving into a Retirement Home in 2021. The Starting Out Right video series covers topics from the types of health and well-being assessments, understanding how your Care Plan is developed, reassessed and approved in straight-forward, easy to understand way.

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This two-minute video describes what a Care Plan is in an Ontario Retirement Home.

Retirement Home Operator ensures your Care Plan is based on an assessment including your needs and preferences. To learn what this means - watch the video.

What’s included in a Retirement Home Plan of Care?

The planned care services that the Retirement Home Operator will provide including:

  • the details of the care services,

  • the goals that the services are intended to achieve

  • clear directions to the Retirement Home staff who provide your direct care, and

  • if you consented to it, the inclusion of the planned care services that you’ll receive from External Care Providers, if any.

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