Starting Out Right Series - Using External Care Providers in Retirement Homes

Did you know you can engage External Care Providers to assist with your assessment and Plan of Care development when you move into a Retirement Home?

Learn about why the Retirement Home Resident's Bill of Rights guarantees your access to External Care Providers in this video.

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Remember you have the right to apply for publicly funded care services and assessments. And the right to be informed about and to apply for care services and assessments from an External Care Provider. Learn more about what's covered in the series - watch this video.

Expect protocols to be in place that promote the collaboration between the Retirement Home staff, External Care Providers and others involved in the different aspects of your care...

  • your assessments being integrated, consistent and complementing each other; and

  • in the development and implementation of your Plan of Care, different aspects of care should be integrated, consistent and complement each other.

  • Remember - the Retirement Home Operator should facilitate your access to External Service Providers.

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