Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities for Today’s Older Adults

Apartments where seniors live are often referred to as Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities. These are communities where older adults live when they retire.

Often defined as housing developments that are not planned or designed for older adults, but which over time come to house largely older people due to their location, services and affordability.

older adults smiling beneath a tree

These retirement communities exist in various forms and locations including neighbourhoods of apartments, co-operatives, social housing, registered condominiums, and single-family houses. In Toronto, there are 489 residential buildings classified as naturally occurring retirement communities. Given their popularity, this type of senior housing is highly sought after, and many have waitlists.

Watch to learn more about Senior Living in Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

  • Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities explained,
  • Overcoming the challenge of finding and accessing, and
  • Importance of starting retirement living planning now.

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