Independent Living and Assisted Living for Today’s Older Adults

Learn why many older adults today choose to live in congregate living settings. One of the benefits of arrangement is that an older person may have easier access to services as they progress through their care continuum, without having to relocate.

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Typically, independent living units in a congregate living setting, like a Retirement Home, is associated with the provision of minimal services to residents. When older adults require 24 hour care, they often consider Long-Term Care. Watch this video to understand the top 7 differences between Retirement Homes and LTC. 

In Oakville and Burlington, there are over 10 Retirement Homes designed with independent living and assisted living units. Several also offer memory care programs within the same facilities. Retirement Homes are owned privately (not by the government) and operate as for-profit businesses.

Watch this two-minute video to learn about:

  • Differences between independent and assisted living,
  • How congregate living settings support resident’s activities of daily living, and
  • Benefits of living in a retirement complex with independent and assisted living facilities.

Long-Term Care Affordability and Waitlists

  • When people require 24-hour care, they often consider Long Term Care homes as a senior living option,
  • Cost of LTC homes is regulated and funded in part by the Government of Ontario. Residents contribute to the cost of room and board, and
  • It’s important to recognize the existence of waitlists to access some of these LTC properties.

If you’re looking for assistance identifying a senior living option that fits your needs, contact us for a free one-hour consultation.  

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