Disposal Of Unwanted Household Goods

Welcome Home Transitions works with you to sort, pack, donate or sell unwanted household goods, before the senior move. Contact us today.

At Welcome Home Transitions, we know the senior moving process is one of the biggest challenges for families and dealing with unwanted household items is a headache for many. Many family members don’t have the space, or desire to take these items into their own homes.

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garage full of unwanted household goods - seniors

What do you do with years of household items?

When your loved ones move to their new residence, they may have precious memories as well as furniture, silver and china, and other household effects that will be difficult to let go of when moving.

We’ll solve this problem by working with you to sort, pack, sell goods using an online auction service, donate, and dispose of items so local charities benefit, limiting the landfill impact where possible.

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